Back in 2013, a blog I read on a regular basis repeatedly mentioned something called a Low Carb High Fat diet. The author mentioned effortlessly losing 50 lbs. on it, and being able to keep it off. While I didn’t have much weight to lose, I was interested in the many health benefits it offered. After doing some additional research for the next 3 weeks, I decided that, even though it went against everything I was ever told about nutrition, I would give it a shot. It just made a lot of sense from a biochemistry and an evolutionary perspective. In the first two weeks, I lost 12 lbs. (though a large portion of it was water weight, to be fair). Not having that urge to need to eat RIGHT NOW was truly liberating. Finding lunch to eat wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it. Since then, I have delved deeper into the nutrition rabbit hole. All the reading and researching I have done has convinced me that those who say that all the current prevalent diseases – heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, even autoimmune diseases like psoriasis – are to a species inappropriate diet in large part. Fixing your diet will go a very long way in preventing and even reversing health problems.

In early 2018 I start an intermittent fasting practice, with my eating window generally being between 8 and 10 hours. I even started experimenting with a Zero Carb diet, also known as Carnivore diet. I try not to talk about too much to the uninitiated, because I get pretty excited about the subject and don’t want to come over as a zealot. If you want to make my blood boil, tell me how much you loved the movie What The Health.