Author: marc

  • Multiplication exercises for kids

    I created a very basic website for kids to exercise their multiplication tables. You can find it at

  • On income inequality

    Your ability to make money depends on your ability to predict the future. Furthermore, it scales with: How many different outcomes you can think of How well you can determine the likelihood of each outcome How many people are affected by your predictions Note that being able to think of a specific outcome doesn’t mean […]

  • On education: the solutions

    The problems with education are two-fold: it saddles students with exorbitant debt, and the quality of education has suffered as a result. Let’s discuss the financial aspect first. The government (and a few private lenders) holds $1.5 trillion in student loans. These currently cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. The government is clearly relying on this […]

  • On education: the problems

    $1.5 trillion dollars. Take a million, a million and a half times. That’s how much student debt there is in the US today. Most of it are government loans, with under $10 billion in private debt. And none of it is dischargeable. For those who don’t know, that means no matter how many times you […]

  • On Faithfulness

    It started a little over 2 years ago. The initial encounter was pure luck, taking place across the street from a place where I used to get lunch regularly. I figured I’d give it a shot, at worst it would just be a case of one and done. The first time was really difficult. I […]

  • On Art

    When I think of art, I think of any activity that is an expression of a person’s creativity. When you enterĀ “what is art” into google, you get the following: This seems rather restrictive to me. Obviously when someone mentions art, the first few things that come to mind are music, painting, literature, dance or acting […]